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We produce as well as other material, a detailed quarterly journal, The Vine, (ISSN: 1740-8539) in which members publish their findings and debate related issues. Our association holds a comprehensive and growing archive containing a wealth of material, much as yet unpublished. As we have a base in Rennes-les-Bains, close to Rennes-le-Château, this enables us to conduct a great deal of active замок коварства и любви кисловодск research in France, drawing from French sources and archives.


In order to maintain a high standard of publication, membership is by invitation only, following a year of association; and is conditional upon the regularity of research undertaken, and also upon the quality of material submitted for publication.


Although we write in English it is sometimes necessary to include small portions of text in French, therefore, some understanding of the language would be useful. 


Those interested in membership, are invited to contact

Michael Gauffman or Fran Pearson

for further details.

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