Created 17th January 2003

A title list of the articles, which appeared in the December 2004 issue of The Vine. ISSN: 1740-8539



  1. A visit to "The Bodleian".
  2. Sara la Kâli.
  3. An Introduction to Decoding the Numerical aspects of Boudet’s works.
  4. Marie-Madeleine and the altar bas-relief.
  5. La Vraie Langue Celtique: page 11.
  6. Prieuré Documents.
  7. Tamar/Damaris.
  8. La prediletta di Cristo: Christ’s Favourite.
  9. The Carcassonne copy of La Vraie Langue Celtique.
  10. "…du Nom de Narbonne".
  11. The mystery of the Hares.
  12. Circuit chapter XI: Strength.
  13. Rennes-les-Bains and "The Pope picture".
  14. The Codex Bezae.
  15. Two Egyptian Saints.


Also included: - Editorial, member’s communications, local news book reviews etc… Next issue – March 2005


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